Glenn Engelland, DVM, Owner
Kansas State University 1983
Started SVET 1985
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Kristi Kern, DVM
Kansas State University 2000
At SVET since 2000


Jane Shumaker
Office Manager, Accounts Receivable,
At SVET since 1993

Kyle Neywick
At SVET since 1999
                                   ABOUT SVET
Sun Valley Embryo Transfer was started in Salina, Kansas, in 1985
as an on farm ET service. We began housing donors in 1987, and
moved to our current location at the junction of Interstates 70 and
135 in 1990. Over time we have added a recipient operation and
increased our staff to include a farming branch capable of growing
our own feed and calving recipients for clients. Recently we added
some irrigated ground adjacent to our clinic, allowing us a more
consistent feed supply in the face of the persistent drought.
Dr. Engelland has been certified by the American Embryo Transfer
Association since 1990 and served as President of the organization
in 2012. AETA certification along with USDA/APHIS inspection
allows us to freeze embryos which qualify for export to MOST
countries including the European Union.  We specialize in assisted
Reproductive Technologies such as Conventional Embryo Transfer  
& InVitro Fertilization. As of 2018 we offer InVitro Fertilization
service and Embryo Biopsy genetic testing in clinic only.  Oocytes
are sent to InVitro Frontiers lab in Wichita, KS., We offer embryo biopsy for genetic
testing in collaboration with Embruon,,.